Selecting the appropriate Venue for an event in Romania is our passion - and managing the planning - implementation and completion of the arrangement is our specialty.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations at each phase of the project.

With extensive experience in ground handling operations for large groups, we design unique and innovative programs around the country supported by a reliable and high quality professional service.

We provide a complete service, including accommodation, reliable transport, various gourmet meals and excellent wines, organization of interesting and tailored activities, team building and evening parties. As every good host, we take care of everything that members of the group might need, so that they can relax completely and take home lasting memories.

Aldo Travel invites you to take part in a lifetime experience meant to reveal you the diversity of the natural beauty of the country and its cultural variety through unique activities based on new and creative incentive concepts. Whether you chose Bucharest, the country’s capital, as the location for your event or the countryside, Aldo Travel guarantees memorable theme parties, well-selected hotels, restaurants and extravagant venues not to mention exquisite local or international cuisine.



Archaeology expeditions bring with them a sense of intrigue, mystery, and discovery—a rare and treasured quality for avid world travelers.
The first references to Dacian peoples are from Greek chroniclers in the 6th century BC. At this time Greek traders were founding ports around the Black Sea coast. During this period the Greeks founded cities along the Black Sea coast and the first written records describe their encounters with the indigenous peoples.
The Dacian Empire and Roman sites are found in Transylvania, and along the Olt river and through the Banat enroute to Transylvania, plus along the Black Sea coast of Dobrogea. One might assume that the other regions would have continued with a Geto-Dacian population.
Romania offers great sites for archaeological expeditions and we have designed our adventure tours to include some of the most exciting destinations:

Histria, the Romanian Pompei - one of the most important archeological sites in Romania, the oldest and first attested city in the country which dates back to the 7th century BC.

Callatis, one of the most important Greek settlements, was founded in the 6th century BC. Its first silver coinage was minted approximately 350 BC.

Sarmisegetuza Regia, the former political, administrative and military center of the Dacian state, one of the largest citadels and places of refuge in the whole Transylvania.

Adamclisi with Tropeum Traiani is one of the most impressive commemorative monuments dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. Built in 106-109 AD by Apolodor of Damascus, it was meant to honor the fallen Roman soldiers of the 2nd Dacian-Roman war.

Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa was the political, administrative and religious centre of Roman Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries

The Roman Edifice with the Mosaic in Constanta was built by the Romans in the 4th century as a commercial edifice, connecting the harbor with the city. The building is unique in Eastern Europe and has no less than 2000 square meters. Experts consider it one of the wonders of the ancient civilization that used to live on these lands.


If you search a professional tour operator to tailor an itinerary in Romania focused exclusively on agricultural tour, you should ask Aldo-Travel. We invite you to come, visit, taste, enjoy and share your passion in farming.

We provide fully guided group agricultural farm tours throughout Romania. We combine attractions and farms with urban areas and popular sights for a unique touring experience.

We specialise in organising agricultural tours for farmers, agribusiness people and others interested in rural life. We have a breadth of experience, a passion for agriculture and, for more than two decades, our agricultural travel professionals have “raised the bar” to ensure your tour experience exceeds your expectations.

Our general farm tours are a wonderful way to enjoy some of Romania’s best farming, scenic and cultural highlights in the company of like minded travelers.


Danube Delta is one of the largest wetlands in the world! Its diverse habitats and very rich birdlife make it undoubtedly one of Europe`s finest bird watching destinations. It represents one of the last natural paradises in Europe, a network of channels, lakes, and lush forest. It is home to a fascinating mix of cultures, people and a huge diversity of birds, presided over by the greatest of them all, the pelican.

The huge number and variety of birds present here is unique in Europe!

Our tour leaders are friendly and experienced, with considerable background knowledge they are acknowledged experts on the birds.

They combine enthusiasm with complete professionalism, they are always on hand to help with identification and it is their aim to ensure that you enjoy your bird watching holiday to the full.


“You’ve found one of the last places where rural European medieval life remains intact; where peasants live off the land as countless generations did before them; where tiny villages, steeped in local customs and history, sit among rolling hills and dreamy landscapes"
-- Lonely Planet Romania

Few places in the world have retained their original customs, folk costumes, landscape, traditional crafts and tools as the Romanian village.

The mountains, plains and Danube Delta villages contribute to the identity of the entire country.

Explore Maramures, a picturesque time locked land of wooden churches, then the medieval castles of Transylvania, the mythological legends and impressive landscapes & ancient customs.

Learn about the lifestyle of medieval peasants of the past, ancient customs, art and history, meet locals who create rugs, woodcarvings and goats cheese just as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Soak in the history of “living museums” of ancient monasteries, churches & castles. Meander through rolling hills, pastures and meadows full of wildflowers. Dine at small inns and local guesthouses with traditional Romanian delicacies like Bulz, tuica (plum brandy) & ciorba.


The Carpathian mountain range forms a huge arc in the center of Romania. In fact, 31% of the country is mountainous. Within this range are innumerable places of natural beauty: mountain peaks, gorges, lakes, forests, caves, mud volcanoes and fossil deposits. It is very easy to find a great hiking trail. Romania has more than 400 parks and nature reservations protecting hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

We organize mountain tours in all the regions of Romania, Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina, but mainly in South Carpathians: Fagaras Mountains, Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului National Park and Retezat mountains.

By trekking in Romania you can see for yourself how customs are kept alive, you can taste the culinary specialties and prized wines, and even learn traditional skills that have long disappeared in other countries. In order to complete an authentic experience, we will stay in guesthouses carefully chosen for the way they keep alive the traditions of the areas they come from. The food will also be traditional, while the visits to local craftsmen, sheepfolds and other places of interest will give color to your trip.


Travel with fellow music lovers and Romanian culture enthusiasts on a unique and adventurous tour of Romania.

Since 1998 Aldo-Travel operated successful opera tours for the French Richard Wagner Society, AROP and FEDORA France - their recommendations are available on request.

Operas, philharmonic concerts and world-class orchestras can be enjoyed during your tour to Romania combined with the most popular and great tourist attractions.


Getting to know a country is getting to know its people.

Getting to know a country is getting to know its culture and its most hidden places, as these are the most beautiful ones.

Romania is a country of massively different landscapes. From the endless plains and fields of sunflowers and wheat of Wallachia and the Dobrogea, around the mouths of the Danube, through the wooded peaks of the Carpathians into Transylvania, a land of rolling hills and woods, all punctuated by delightful villages, churches and the almost fairy tale castles and towns of the medieval Saxon settlers.

You have the chance to find your idea of heaven everywhere you go: in Moldavian monasteries, in the Danube Delta - heaven created by fish and birds, and in Maramures where people wear folk costumes daily, not only for holidays and festivals.

The capital, Bucharest, is another revelation. The newly restored Old Town is a fantasy of French and Italianate architecture of the art nouveau and art deco periods with great public buildings erected at the unification of the country in the late 19th century, gothic, classical and Romanesque masterpieces, a Victorian architect’s playground. Not for nothing was it known as the Paris of the Balkans.

You can say that it is difficult to reach these places, but we take care of everything for you. Start your exploration of Romanian culture with Aldo Travel!


" Growing old in a beautiful and dignified way is a science and an art at the same time" (Ana Aslan)

Romania is home to more than one third of Europe's mineral and thermal springs. Natural factors are complemented — under attentive medical care — by physiotherapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy and medicines produced from plants.

Today Romania's 70 natural spas provide relief for many medical disorders and illnesses including rheumatism, endocrine, kidney, liver, respiratory, heart, stomach and nervous diseases as well as nutrition, metabolism and gynecological disorders.

Academician Professor Doctor Ana Aslan studied and investigated the causes of the aging process. Her highly controlled program of experiments, finally led to the GEROVITAL H3 formula which slows down the process of aging.

Salted or sulphurous waters mud bath and massage are used together with Physiotherapy and Gerovital H3 or in the health centres situated on the shore of the Black Sea and in the mountains resorts.

With us you will have the chance, after having taken care of your health in the morning, to enjoy trips, shopping, leisure time for the rest of the day. Our guests are accommodated in first class hotels.

Aldo’s staff assistants will be at your service from the arrival day in Romania until the departure day. No need to worry about the food: Romanian traditional cuisine is delicious and the wine is excellent! Besides, international cuisine is always an option.

Come to Romania with us! Join one of our unique, small tours or let us customize a vacation for you!

Our tours will leave you with lifelong memories of a country became a great destinations in the world for a culture and heritage experience.

Will you be our next client? Please contact us for a discussion about the rich possibilities and favourable costs.
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  • "I would like to send You my personal regards and thank You a lot for excellent cooperation during our first project we had together in Romania. I know there were a lot of changes from our side and expectations were high. All my team really appreciates working with you and your staff. They all say that you are a very good and flexible partner with whom it is nice to work. We will use your services in Romania for our upcoming events. Krzysztof Pobożniak / President Haxel Incentives June 2013

  • "The success of the congress was due to cooperation of all institutions, sponsors, local and central authorities, especially to you, who have planned and worked at this event. On behalf of the organizing committee and mine personal, thanks and congratulations for your contribution to the success of the European Congress on Rural Tourism in Piatra Neamt." - Gheorghe Stefan, Mayor of Piatra Neamt, 11 October 2012

  • "All our clients were very happy about the tour and your country. The feedback was very nice. So thank you very much for your good service. You are really professional and successful. Thanks for your cooperation. Your presence in Bucharest was much appreciated. We planned the dates for next tour. I hope we will do the second tour between 18-27 May 2013." - Olgun Yilmaz, Congress&Groups Coordinator at FEST Travel Turkey (UNESCO Cultural tour, May 2012)

  • "Thank you once again for making our stay in Romania so wonderful. It was a great tour with highlights every day. And as always the good food and drinks, comfortable bus, the best driver, good service at hotel and guesthouses. I only get good feedback for the Romanian tour. Great thanks to you, to our excellent guide - Elena and all Romanian people. People in the group say they want to see more of Romania, and we have to work on the itinerary to come back next year." Alf Palin, Sweden Mushroom hunting tour, October 2012