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Exotic routes, ancient times.

Face the real Romania!

Be a part of nature.


Wonderful hidden worlds, just two steps away...

Adventure, explore, feel!

Discover the world exactly the way it is.

Romanian customs

Culture, original customs and real passion

Interesting events

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Catch the perfect moments

Enjoy the world around you.

Ancient routes!

Paths never forgotten

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We carefully consider your every suggestion.

We don't want to tell you stories...


Welcome to ALDO TRAVEL!

Expertise, reliability, professionalism, these are just attributes that enable Aldo Travel, top incentive organizer to provide services for visitors with special interests.

We focus on customized tours whatever they emphasize on business or tourism/

Since 1996 we run successfully tours to Romania for groups from all over the world.

Cultural and historical, opera and classic music, archaeological and farm tours - these are just some of what we can offer to you.

Romania is a charming new destination for incentive trips. The country has become a popular and great tourist attraction with recent emphasis on imaginative incentive programs, dedicated to suit quality conferences and events.
We invite you to discover Romania, a country with a tumultuous history, which has been closed and hidden for a long period of time and now, has started to reveal itself to the world.

In this land of unspoiled beauty Aldo Travel addresses all your senses with refined professionalism and elegance.

Our programs are conceived with extreme attention to details.

We are proud that year after year travel agents from around the world recommend us to their clients.

Make the correct choice before you leave.

Once you have experienced our best services, you will be back to travel with us again and again.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Romania – a country of scenic beauty with its unspoiled nature and unique art treasures (e.g. Moldavian monasteries), well known for its hospitality as well. Aldo Travel is inviting you on a quest to discover all these places.


Whether you choose Bucharest, the country’s capital as the location for your event or the countryside, Aldo Travel guarantees memorable theme parties, well-selected hotels, restaurants and extravagant venues not to mention exquisite local or international cuisine.


Aldo Travel is your special partner during your stay, which could otherwise be confusing. We will be your guide in finding the best places to stay, to rest and eat well. Our competent guides, loving their country, will escort you in good spirits and a relaxed manner.

Let us know your wishes and we will design a program to match your desires.

Mushroom hunt

Mushroom hunt

You can easily have fun with us. Any ordinary event, like rain, can easily turn into an extra-ordinary contest, like "The Mushroom Hunt".

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Travel back in time

If you like to experience something new, you may take a journey into the past, to know how the people used to live.

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Farm tour

We offer a pleasant mix of agricultural and sightseeing visits travelling with people who "speak the same language". Your group will be treated with expert care during all your travels.

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